PSC preparedness and assistance

PSC preparedness has the purpose of attending a possible PSC-targeted ship before officers come on board to avoid PSC deficiencies and detentions. We also are present during the PSC inspection to help and assist either the Master or PSC officer, to avoid major remarks and solve any possible issue as they arise.

PSC preparedness

We can attend any type of ship or vessel, to carry out a quick inspection to check all the items subject to PSC remarks. We try to fix issues before PSC board the vessel. In case that it is not possible, we explain, assist and help PSC officers and Master in a proactive manner in order to avoid deficiencies and detentions.

We carry on PSC preparedness services on behalf of  owners, ship managers, operators and Flag States and we represent them as part of their company, like superintendents or representatives.

PSC preparedness scope

PSC preparedness scope is to prepare the vessel for a PSC inspection, accompany the PSC officers, assisting Master and Chief Engineer during their inspection, and avoid detention and any deficiencies to be written on their report.
Fire door found with hold back arrangement to keep it opened.
Hatch cover control box found leaking on main deck

Complementary Services

Along with  PSC preparedness, we can carry out a typical Ship condition survey in case is required and there is enough time.