Ship Inspections, Audits, Marine Surveys and Consulting Services

We provide highly specialized consulting services, audits, independent surveys, and ship inspections. We act based on our qualifications, experience, and in-depth sector knowledge. We have a strong client focus and we aim to limit your company’s risk, providing the confidence your company needs in your business and economic activities.


A ship condition survey is necessary to assess the condition of a ship or vessel at the time of insurance, H&M or P&I entry, follow-up condition, vetting, financial purpose, flag, etc.

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Ultrasonic Testing is widely used to test and prove the water-tightness and weather-tightness of bulk carriers and general cargo ships’ hatch covers, watertight doors, ro-ro and car carrier ramp doors, etc.

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Ship pre-purchase inspection is one of the most exhaustive types of inspections. The scope is the full inspection of the ship, supplemented by special areas of concern or any client’s needs.

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Bunker Surveys (ROB)  and Bunker Surveys (BQS) for determining the quantity of Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil remaining on board or delivered from a barge.

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Flag State Inspections include verification of statutory documentation, compliance with all applicable regulations, and a general examination of the vessel’s structure, machinery, and equipment, operational testing of fire fighting equipment, life-saving appliances and safety equipment.

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On-hire / off-hire surveys have the purpose of determining the condition of a ship or vessel at the time of delivery or re-delivery.

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PSC preparedness scope is to prepare the vessel for a PSC inspection, accompany the PSC officers, assist the Master and Chief Engineer during their inspection, and avoid detention and any deficiencies to be written on their report.

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ism internal audit spain

Casualty Investigations are intended to establish the nature, causes, and extent of an incident, accident, casualty, or damage on board a ship, affecting crew, hull, machinery, or any other third party involved with ship operations.

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The SOLAS Chapter XI-2 (Special measures to enhance maritime security) and applies to passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 GT and upwards, including high-speed craft, MODUs, and port facilities serving such ships engaged on international voyages.

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