Bunker Survey – BQS

Bunker Surveys (BQS) are carried out for determining the quantity of Fuel Oil or Diesel Oil delivered to a shipgoing vessel, during bunkering operations.

Bunker Survey (BQS)

Bunker Survey (BQS) is carried out during barge to ship bunkering operations. The purpose of the bunker survey is to assure that the ship is receiving the full quantity of fuel or diesel, according the nomination and the bunker  delivery note (BDN).

It is a documented evidence of the actual received quantities of fuel oil and diesel oil and support possible shortage claims and disputes.

The service consist on sounding the bunker barge and the  receiving vessel’s tanks before the start of bunkering operation. At the end of the bunkering operation, tanks on both ships are again sounded to check the difference of volumes and to determine the quantity of Fuel or Diesel delivered.

The report includes the statement of bunkers delivered, and the possible differences between shipgoing vessel, bunker barge and quantity stated in the BDN.

Continuous drip sample by cubitainer on drain valve, during bunker survey BQS.

Complementary Services

Along with  bunker survey, it is very usual to require to take bunker samples and send them to laboratory. It is carried out in order to asses and certify the quality of the bunkers. It supports any possible off-spec claim or dispute, besides that avoid any possible damage to machinery due to the use of low quality fuels.

We witness and assure that samples are correctly taken following standard proceedings. After the attendance, we send the samples to the appointed laboratory to be analyzed.