Flag State Inspections

Flag State Inspections (FSI), Annual Safety Inspections (ASI), Special Safety Inspections (SSI), and Preemptive Safety Inspections have the purpose of ensuring vessels are keeping satisfactory standards on board, in compliance with the regulations of the state of the flag that they fly.

Flag State Inspections

Flag State Inspections include verification of statutory documentation, compliance with all applicable regulations, and a general examination of the vessel’s structure, machinery, and equipment, operational testing of fire fighting equipment, life-saving appliances, and safety equipment. They usually include the performance and assessment of a safety drill.

During Flag State inspections, ISM/ISPS and MLC audits, as well as statutory certificate endorsements can be performed.

We are approved Flag State Inspectors on behalf of  Liberia Ship Registry and Palau International Ship Registry, attending on board any type of ship or vessel.

Lifeboat inspection during ASI in Valencia

Complementary Services

We can also provide Port State Control (PSC) preparedness for vessels prior a PSC inspection, assisting also Master and officers during the inspection in order to avoid remarks, deficiencies and possible detentions.