ISPS Internal Audits on Ships

Terrorist attacks have higlighted the issue of maritime security. Few industries depend as much as shipping on an internationally well-ordered, safe and secure environment, and few have as much as to lose from the erosion of that environment. Therefore, an international framework has been introduced th enhance security of ships, port facilities and MODUs. 

Internal ISPS Audits on board

We can attend any type of ship or vessel, to carry out internal audits of the ISPS.

The SOLAS Chapter XI-2 (Special measures to enhance maritime security) and applies to passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 GT and upwards, including high speed craft, MODUs, and port facilities serving such ships engaged on international voyage.

We offer ISPS Internal Audits services locally – based, so operators can save travel expenses to their in-house auditors. We can audit the system following our own procedures or can adapt to the operator’s audit procedures, guidelines and templates.

ISPS Internal Audits can be carried out in the following Spanish ports: Valencia, Sagunto, Castellón, Gandia, Alicante, Tarragona, Barcelona, Cartagena and nearby ports.

Purpose of ISPS Internal Audits

With on board ISPS Internal Audits, we verify:

  • System effectiveness
  • Compliance with instructions
  • Process interfaces and interactions
  • Compliance with rules and regulations

And we identify:

  • Potential risks and failures
  • Possible improvements
  • Needs of motivation, communication and training.
Security point by gangway
CCTV on bridge, during ISPS Audit on ferry vessel

Harmonised Internal Audits

Along with  ISPS Internal Audits on board, we offer harmonised Internal Audits of the ISM System and the MLC. The benefits of harmonised audits are:

  • Reduction of frequecncy of audits
  • Effective utilisation of time and personel resources
  • Minimising operational disturbance
  • Better acceptance by ship’s staff