Ship Condition Survey

Ship condition survey is one of our specialties. This type of service is necessary to assess the condition of a ship or vessel at the time of insurance, H&M or P&I entry, follow-up condition, vetting, financial purposes, flag state inspections, etc.

Ship Condition Surveys for P&I and H&M insurance

We can attend to any type of ship, tanker, bulk carrier, ferry, container ship, etc., to asses their condition and to check all the items requested by our clients.

P&I requirements are usually more focused on ship and company management and, especially, on those risks regarding their protection and indemnity coverage.

H&M requirements target risks related to maintenance condition and maintenance systems, both relating to hull and machinery.

Ship condition survey scope

Ship condition surveys are not limited to insurance companies. We offer our services to charterers at the beginning of the time charter, vetting surveys when required, flag inspections, banks for financial matters, etc.

All types of condition surveys include ballast tank inspections when possible, operational tests for deck and engine room machinery, safety tests; firefighting (FFE) and life-saving appliances (LSA).

Lowering a life-boat to embarkation deck, during a P&I Condition Survey (Marseille -France)
Visual inspection of a bulk-carrier main engine during a H&M insurance survey.

Complementary Services

When the ship is a general cargo or bulk carrier type, it is very usual, also to require an ultrasonic test to assess the water tightness of the hatch covers.

AB SURVEYORS owns calibrated Cygnus Ultrasonic Equipment and a specific operator training course.