Quality Policy

Quality Policy

by absurveyors

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to conduct our activities of  marine and cargo surveys and inspections, continuously improving our quality, and putting us one step ahead of the expectations of our customers.

Our vision is to be the leader and reference company in marine and cargo surveys and inspections in our geographical area of ​​activity. The future of our company will be ensured through the commitment of quality services provided, the service approach to our customers, as well as the skills and commitment of our employees.

Commitment and Strategy

The effort to satisfy the customer is the focus of everything we do. The future of our company will be determined by the quality of our response to customer needs.

We aim to be the eyes of our customers at the dock, on board and wherever our services are required.

The fundamental basis of the strength of our company lies in our employees, who will be provided every time a work environment that facilitates their motivation, competence and pride in their contribution to the work done.

Code of Conduct

AB SURVEYORS – Maritime Services S.L.U. is adhered to the Code of Conduct of the IIMS – International Institute of Marine Surveying (UK).

Quality indicators and targets

To comply with our quality policy, we will post indicators for each of the measurable parameters and we will assign values ​​that constitute our quality targets for set periods.

These quality targets will be reviewed together in predetermined periods.

The relations of our organisation, internally with our partners and employees, and externally with subcontractors, suppliers and customers will be honest, objective and straight, always recognising the dignity of the person as a team member.

We recognise that these are shared values ​​within the organisation of  AB SURVEYORS – Maritime Services  S.L.U.

Operational Values

We will support, and further develop an organisation that:

  • Is focused on continuous improvement
  • Meets customer expectations
  • Complies with applicable legislation
  • Communicates openly and encourage responses
  • Ensures adequate training
  • Provides a safe work environment
  • Encourages initiative, innovation and creativity
  • Recognizes individual and team achievements

Our customers talk:

Overall Quality Service - 2019

Our customers' assessment for 2019 services (over 100 points)

Surveyors' Professionalism - 100Points
Customer care before the service - 90Points
Value for money - 96.6Points
Quality of the reports - 100Points
Fast delivery of reports - 100Points
Availability - 86.6Points
Customer care after the service - 96.6Points
100 % of the customers using our services during 2019, would recommend us to other colleagues and partners.