Veronica Cano

Veronica Cano

by absurveyors

Managing Partner

Marine Surveyor – Claims, Control and Supervision.

Veronica Cano has a Master’s Degree in Maritime Transport  (Barcelona School of Nautical Studies – FNB). After University, she continued her training, getting a  Master in International Trade and Logistics (ULPDGC). She is also Marine Surveyor graduate by College of Merchant Marine Officers.

Her career started at sea, sailing in different types of ships as Deck Officer, including general cargo ships and tankers. After her seagoing experience, Veronica started to work ashore in different types of shipping companies, like forwarders,  insurance groups, shipowners, and port terminals.

She has more than seventeen years of experience working in the Spanish shipping business. She is a hard-worker person, great analytic, very polite, honest, and the best option for on board cargo jobs that require investigation and dealing with crews.

As marine surveyor, she has great experience, especially with cargo jobs, break-bulk cargo surveys, monitoring, sampling, drafts surveys, damage claims,  etc, being in continuous training.

Veronica is fluent in Spanish, English, Catalan and has knowledge of French.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cargo damage surveys
  • Draft Surveys
  • Break-bulk supervision and warranty surveys
  • Bulk unloading / loading supervision
  • Container stuffing supervision
  • Lashing / unlashing supervision
  • Tanks cleaning inspections
  • Cargo Sampling
  • Cargo hold sealing and unsealing.
  • Ship damage surveys
  • Casualty investigations


  • COMME – Colegio de Oficiales de la Marina Mercante Española (Spanish College of Merchant Marine Officers)
  • APCAS – Asociación de Peritos y Comisarios de Averías (Spanish Expert Witness, Surveyors and Claim Agents Association)
  • WISTA – Women International Shipping and Trading Association.

Veronica Cano

Marine Surveyor – Claims, Control and supervision


  • Master’s Degree in Maritime Transport at Barcelona School of Nautical Studies (FNB).
  • Master in International Trade and Logistics  (ULPDG)
  • Heavy Lift Specialist training course (The Heavy Lift Specialist, Rotterdam)
  • ECMTS Breakbulk Shipping Program accredited by Breakbulk Institute (ECM Training Services, LLC)
  • Marine Surveyor graduate by Spanish College of Merchant Marine Officers (COMME).
  • Advanced Certificate in Oil Tankers according Section A-V/1 (9-14) of STCW 78 (as amended) (ENPROGA)
  • Container Stowage Specialist. CTU 2014 Code – IMO/ILO/UNECE (ISEC)
  • Post harvest Fruits and Vegetables (Infoagro School)