Shipyard Supervision

Shipyard Supervision

by absurveyors


Shipyard Supervision is carried out to schedule, prepare in advance, and follow up shipyard time to ensure works are carried out as planned.

Refit and built supervision

We work with experienced marine surveyors, marine engineers and naval architects who can attend any type of ship or vessel, for the supervision of all the items requested by our clients during ship’s refit, maintenance, or ship’s new building.

We carry out shipyard supervisions on behalf of Owners, Ship Managers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, etc.. 

We can plan an prepare beforehand the shipyard time. Subsequently, we can supervise the schedule an time on-site to ensure that works are carried out as planned and to the desired standards. We help to ensure the project deadlines are met and the desired quality is maintained.

During re-fit projects, maintenance and buildings, we can provide assistance to the Master and Officers by acting as technical advisers. We assis in the project management, delivering the project on budget and on time. We try to avoid any possible sources of disputes. We can provide daily back-up, conduct regular on-site attendances and issue detailed and regular reports to all the parties concerned at the various stages of the project.

Dry-dock maintenance jobs during special class survey
Bunker barge in shipyard for repairs and maintenance

Complementary Services

We can also carry out an ultrasonic  test in order to assess the water tightness of the hatch covers and watertight doors.  AB SURVEYORS owns Cygnus Hatch Sure Ultrasonic Equipment and several of our surveyors are certified operators.

We can also add other valuable technical consulting services during re-fit or building supervision at client’s request.