Hold Condition, Sealing and Unsealing

Hold Condition, Sealing and Unsealing

by absurveyors
Hold and cargo tanks condition surveys, are used to asses the condition of cargo holds and cargo tanks, usually prior to loading. In case of cargo holds, it can also done also before discharging. As complementary service, hatch cover sealing or unsealing are carried out on request.

Cargo Hold or Cargo Tank Condition Survey

We can attend general cargo ships, bulk carriers or tankers, in order to asses the general condition of the cargo holds or cargo tanks, before start loading. We check the cargo spaces suitability for the intended cargo, in terms of cleanliness, coating, corrosion, previous cargo contamination, etc.

We carry on cargo holds and cargo tank condition surveys on behalf of charterers, owners, ships, exporters, importers, insurance companies, P&I Clubs, etc.

Sealing and Unsealing of cargo holds or cargo tanks

Hatch sealing survey scope is the the sealing of all cargo hold or cargo tank accesses, including hatch covers and manholes. These seals may be serialised and recorded at the request of our client. At the completion of the survey, we provide a  Hatch Sealing Certificate, certifying that all hatches and accesses have been sealed. This certificate is signed by both the attending Surveyor and the vessel’s Master.

On discharge operations, we certified the integrity and serials of the seals before opening, and then issue a Hatch Unsealing Certificate.

Detail of seal during a hatch sealing certificate at Castellon port.
Detail of heating coils during a cargo tank inspection, for issuing Cargo Tank Cleanliness Certificate before loading wine, at Valencia port.

Complementary Services

Both services, the Cargo Hold or Tank Condition and the Hatch Sealing or Unsealing Survey,  are complementary, and often carried out together in same call.

Of course, condition of cargo spaces is one item of either the On /Off Hire Condition Survey and Ship Condition Survey.

Sometimes, at the request of our client, we can also carry out an ultrasonic  test in order to assess the water tightness of the hatch covers.

AB SURVEYORS owns calibrated Cygnus Ultrasonic Equipment and specific operator training course.