Draught Survey

Draught Survey

by absurveyors
Draft Surveys are intended to determine the weight of cargo loaded or discharged from a ship. It measures the displacement of the water both before and after the loading or unloading, with the resulting difference between the two displacements representing the weight of the cargo.

Draft Surveys

We carry out draft surveys according to defined international guidelines and always considering several key factors, including sea water density,  changes in the ballast between initial and final draft readings, changes in the vessel’s fresh water, bunkers, etc., trim and deformation corrections, etc. We use data from the vessel’s draft tables.

Technical skills and  experience

We use our technical skills and experience to accurately calculate initial and final draft survey calculations with our own templates or our client’s on request. Sometimes, intermediate calculations are required. Final results and certifications are sent at the end of the service.

We carry on draft surveys on behalf of charterers or owners, shippers, or consignees, appointed by a wide range of companies: Global Inspection Companies, Ship Managers, Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Ship Brokers, Charterers, Local Agents, P&I Clubs, Insurance Companies, etc.

Draft Survey carried out during wheat discharge at Valencia port.
Draught survey carried out during loading of Urea, at Castellon port.

Complementary Services

Along with draught surveys, we can also carry out cargo hold condition surveys as well as hatch unsealing & sealing surveys.