Breakbulk, Project Cargo and Warranty Surveys

Breakbulk, Project Cargo and Warranty Surveys

by absurveyors
Break-bulk and Project Cargo Services are intended to supervise and follow up the loading / unloading operations of break-bulk, heavy-lift and oversized cargoes on board ships.  It involves also planning and execution.

Break-bulk Surveys

General cargo, over-sized cargo or machinery, steel products, such as steel coils, bars, etc. This is a survey to determine the condition of the cargo at the time the vessel arrives at the port of discharge or before loading on board. Also involves the monitoring and documenting of the cargo handling during loading or discharging.

We work for any party involve on the loading or discharging operations, appointed by: global inspection companies, ship owners, ship operators, exporters, importers, local agents, insurance companies, etc.

Project Cargo and Warranty Surveys

We attend also larger projects, as project cargo,  covering the loading and discharge stages and the terminal operations handling. It includes projects such as power generation, off-shore, mining, wind farms, petrochemical plants and civil and commercial projects. We can act also as marine warranty surveyors (MWS).

Special breakbulk loading operation of a yacht on board a container vessel at Valencia, supervised by AB SURVEYORS.
Warranty Survey on a nacelles breakbulk loading operations (Sagunto).

Complementary Services

Along with  break bulk surveys, it is very usual to require a cargo hold condition survey and hatch sealing and unsealing surveys.