Magnetic compass adjuster in Valencia

Magnetic compass adjuster in Valencia

by absurveyors
Despite advances in electronic navigation, the magnetic compass is a valuable and necessary aid to navigation, operating independently and it’s a SOLAS requirement to have it fully adjusted and ready for navigational purposes at regular intervals/events as specified by ISO25862: 2009 standards.

Compass adjustment

Each magnetic compass shall be properly adjusted and its table or curve of residual deviations available at all times. Magnetic compasses should be adjusted when:

  1. they are first installed;
  2. they become unreliable;
  3. the ship undergoes structural repairs or alterations that could affect its permanent and induced magnetism;
  4. electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass is added, removed or altered; or,
  5. a period of two years has elapsed since the last adjustment and a record of compass deviations has not been maintained, or the recorded deviations are excessive or when the compass shows physical defects.

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The compass adjuster

The Owner and the Master are responsible for ensuring that compasses on their ships are maintained in good working order.

Adjustment shall be carried out by a qualified compass adjuster or the ship’s master. In Spain, all adjustments should be made by a compass adjuster who holds a Certificate of Competency as Compass Adjuster issued by the Spanish Government.